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Everything you need from GRADEing your systematic review, to developing your guideline and beyond

From scoping through summarizing the evidence to making recommendations and dissemination, GRADEpro guides through the process of guideline development while seamlessly making sure it adheres to the GRADE methodology. To help in dissemination and support shared decision-making, carefully designed and audience-specific presentations and interactive decision aids can be created for all final recommendations.

Maintain control over project management tasks and collaborate with your group online! You can manage your panel and CoI forms and set the scope of your project! Collaborate with your group on questions and outcomes generation. Summarize and grade your evidence with several available table formats and make judgments using the “Evidence to Decision” framework. GRADEpro will also help you develop panel recommendations and present them with attractive tables for patients, clinicians, policymakers and publish your guideline.

Key features of GRADEpro

Team Management

GRADEpro offers convenient ways of handling small and big teams. In one place you can define access rights to projects and decide who should receive forms (for conflict of interest, questions and outcomes generation, and PanelVoice).

Conflict of Interest Forms

Send your forms from within GRADEpro, collect and monitor results in real time, all in one place! Send reminders and create deadlines for completion.

Questions and Outcomes Generation

Send forms for brainstorming, prioritization, and approval of questions, and later outcomes for each question. From the beginning of the guideline development process you can vote and make collaborative decisions with your panel members.

References Management

Upload and manage your references to use them within the evidence tables and recommendations sections at any time. You may later append them to an exported table or guideline document

Evidence Tables

Create GRADE Evidence Profiles, Cochrane Summary of Findings tables and their variations! Import questions and outcomes with meta-analysis from RevMan, GRADE your evidence, calculate certainty, and export your tables in several formats..

Evidence to Decision Framework

The full advantage of the GRADE Methodology to make judgments and recommendations in a transparent and systematic way, informed by the research evidence. Do it collaboratively with your panel members, either remotely or in person.

Panel Voice

Perform the whole decision-making process online! Vote anonymously and make evidence-based decisions with your Panel members - remotely and in real time. Conduct your own Delphi-like process by using several rounds of voting with live updates, comments, and feedback.

Presentation Formats

Present your data and recommendations to patients, clinicians, and policymakers in attractive one-page presentations. Easy to prepare with no prior experience of graphical tools. Export as an external link, a PDF, or an embeddable code for your website!

Multiple Comparisons

Helps the guideline panel visualize and prioritize interventions by providing flexible, interactive tables, which include the judgements from all PICO questions chosen to be compared in the module. Compare 2, 3 or more interventions all in one display!

Mobile Apps

Your GRADEpro projects are designed in such a way that the information may be easily converted into an app for mobile devices. You can preview your project as a mobile application at any time, in a format designed and tested in the GRADE working group's EU-supported DECIDE project

Online and Offline Mode

You can use GRADEpro with and without an Internet connection. In order to work offline, you will need to set up your account by connecting online at least once.

Over review

Perform an over review of systematic reviews on a given topic. In the module you can easily compare PICO, outcomes and studies of many systematic reviews. The "Over review" module in GRADE pro was supported by the Italian Ministry of Health (Giovani Ricercatori GR-2011-02348048 awarded to Dr L. Moja, Dr E. Parmelli Dr A. Squizzato)

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GRADEpro software is used in the guideline development process by
many global medical institutions and associations including WHO, WAO, ATS, ERS, ESICM, SCCM.

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GRADEpro results from many years of research, discussion, inspiration, encouragement and criticism of GRADE Working Group members, users of GRADEpro, and many others from multiple countries and insitutions. They all have contributed to the evolution of GRADEpro and many continue advising, testing, and providing feedback. We are grateful to them all.

Holger Schünemann
Jan Brożek
Nancy Santesso
Wojtek Wiercioch
Tejan Baldeh
Yuan (Ray) Zhang
Sérgio Kowalski
Romina Brignardello-Petersen
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Itziar Etxeandia Ikobaltzeta
Gian Paolo Morgano
Carlos A. Cuello Garcia
Ignacio Neumann

Technical Advisory Group

Alfonso Iorio
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Elie Akl
Pablo Alonso
Lorenzo Moja
Jörg Meerpohl
Andy Oxman
Yngve Falck-Ytter
Shaun Treweek
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