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Watch the latest webinar by Laser AI and their discussion around the use of AI in evidence synthesis.
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Organization Panel

This is a new module created exclusively for GRADEpro ENTERPRISE, that allows you to view and manage the progress of work in your organization's projects, without the need of logging in to a GRADEpro account.

Intended for project administrators and other stakeholders, it allows to track the status of your teams’ work thanks to a visual presentation of project progress. Manage your organization by adding or removing members and assigning access rights.

The database is fully integrated with GRADEpro – an online tool for systematic review and guideline development process in health care. To ensure its value, it was developed as part of the GRADE Working Group DECIDE project

Key features of Organization Panel

Manage your organization's project

View the progress of your organizational projects, set deadlines, receive instant updates.

Create organization team

Add members to your organization, assign rights and communicate directly with them while you view their progress.

Manage access to GRADEpro extensions

You decide who should be given access to GRADEpro Enterprise extensions, such as PanelVoice. This gives you direct oversight on use of these additional features.

Organization Panel

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